PrimePortal is a CGI service for client collaboration and information sharing. Together with the backbone production system #define it serves as a powerful tool for application lifecycle management.

PrimePortal offers a comprehensive and easy to access view of the entire IT-delivery commitment, which gives the client increased control and visibility.
The client can in one place access all relevant documents and reports, do follow-up on an incident or place an order towards the IT-delivery organization.
The portal can also be used for single-point-of-service purposes in order to gather all services related to the delivery in one place.

Client in the driver seat

It’s not always easy to keep all the stakeholders, clients and partners informed and updated around what’s going on in an outsourcing commitment.
To provide a more efficient means of communication, CGI offers PrimePortal, a powerful tool that gives clients a window into all the different service areas.
PrimePortal offers a “Single-Point-of-Information” service where it becomes easy for your clients to get all the information and reports regarding the project progress. The client will be able to manage the outsourcing commitment from the driver seat.

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#define brings structure and control to your IT-organisation and addresses the complex challenges of tomorrows IT-deliveries from the small distributed development project to global outsourcing of Lifecycle Application Management.

By integrating towards services such as PrimePortal it facilitates a seamless and reliable workflow for Order Management where orders are placed by the client in PrimePortal, assigned and processed in #define and finally followed up and verified by the client in PrimePortal.

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eID is a product web based on PrimePortal with information about various e-services, more information about it below.

CGI is the largest provider of BankID and eID (e-legitimation)

Whether your organization needs to use electronic ID as BankID or e-legitimation for authentification or electronic signatures, CGI has the solution and service for you.

Easy for businesses and government to use BankID and Swedish eID

Both government and private organizations have much to gain from the development of e-services that communicate with their customers in a safe manner, using BankID or eID (e-legitimation). CGI offers a complete infrastructure service for all existing eID in Sweden as a pure cloud-service, and that is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to start use electronic IDs in Sweden. Today about 5 million unique users in Sweden use BankID or an eID from one of the approved certificate authorities available in the Swedish market and with CGI's eID service you get access to that infrastructure and all these users and can focus on developing your online services instead.

SAML 2.0 makes eID and BankID easy

Developing an e-service with a secure authentification has never been easier than now. By using SAML 2.0 to connect to CGI eID services, there’s normally only a question of configuration and a decisions on how your login page will look like. Using SAML technology, it is also possible to create so-called SSO (Single Sign On) across different e-services of different organizations.